7. Logging

Two types of logging are used in QueryBuilder:

  1. Application logging, to aid in debugging the application.

  2. Audit logging, to have an audit trail of important actions being performed.

7.1. Application logging

The application log is sent to the standard output within the Docker container. If Docker Swarm is used as the orchestrator, the logs can be shown by: docker service logs mgrid_querybuilder where mgrid is the stack name and querybuilder is the name of the container. Use -f to follow the logs.

7.2. Audit logging

If enabled, audit logging is sent to a FluentD server. Audit logging can be configured using the AUDIT_* variables.

Events are logged in the following cases:

7.2.1. User authentication

  • user_auth_login_ad

  • user_auth_login_azure

  • user_auth_login_local

  • user_auth_logout

7.2.2. Approval

  • approval_request

7.2.3. Export

  • export_request

  • export_start

  • export_finish

7.2.4. Entities

  • project_create

  • project_delete

  • project_update

  • grouprole_create

  • grouprole_delete